Being one of the top interior design companies in Dubai, DZ Design provides great value for designs you’ll value

You have great ideas

Are you looking for a reliable interior design company in Dubai for your next villa, hotel or commercial project? You’re in the right place. Welcome to DZ Design. We are a Dubai-based interior design company working across the MENA region. Our team of 10 qualified architects and designers brings years of experience and great service across all project stages. Furthermore, we know that each project needs to tell a story on its own. We tailor our knowledge and work to the client’s vision, not the other way around.

We have great skills

Together, we will ensure that what was once just an idea becomes a reality. For instance, we will provide interior hospitality designs that attract guests, luxury villa interior design in Dubai or inspirational creative workspaces for forward-thinking businesses.

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Let's co-create great spaces

We always work in partnership with our clients because we believe that design is a process of co-creating and collaborating. Together, we can develop a unique design solution that works best for our client’s vision, purpose and budgets, not our portfolio.

Our founders

Dina and Zain, pride themselves on being flexible and not holding themselves or us to any particular design style. This approach allows us to create timeless designs emphasising aesthetics, sustainability, elegance, luxury and creativity.

Whether it’s an office, home, retail outlet, hotel or restaurant, our goal is to make sure we meet budgets, timescales and schedules.

What to expect when working with an interior design company in dubai?

DZ Design’s work stages

When selecting an interior design company in Dubai, make sure that you fully understand each step of the design process. To ensure seamless collaboration between all stakeholders throughout the project, DZ Design follows these design stages. We are also in line with the RIBA Plan of Work. However, we can quickly adapt our process to accommodate specific needs as each project evolves.

Stage 1 of interior design company in dubai

We don't guess. We study your target market, business objectives and site location before developing our initial concept. This approach allows us to accurately plan project timelines, budgets and resources accurately. Our clients are fully aware of how long it will take for each stage of the project, which resources we will allocate, and how much it will cost.

Stage 2 of interior design company in dubai
Concept Design

As the creative process unfolds, we will develop the initial concepts working based on our clients’ brief and our expertise. We will be looking for appropriate materials at this stage, focusing on value, aesthetics, sustainability, and availability. We will present our ideas as 3D renders and visuals, which will showcase finishes and our design direction for your project.

Stage 3 of interior design company in dubai
Design Development

As the project unfolds, we will pay greater attention to the exact details, with internal layouts defined and finishes identified for components and surfaces. Materials, lighting, fixtures and fittings and electrical fittings are finalised to coordinate with the client for approval.

Stage 4 of interior design company in dubai
Technical Design

Again in close consultation with the client, we will break down all technical requirements and specifications. Furthermore, our team will provide reliable and efficient research to find the best possible value for the end-user.

Stage 5 of interior design company in dubai

Value is again the key for all at DZ Design. At this stage, we will identify detailed furniture, fittings and equipment requirements for each space, followed by detailed and exact specifications for the tender process.

Stage 6

At this stage, DZ Design’s team will work together with the client to deliver a tender pack and develop a construction programme. We will ensure that the initial scheduling and budgeting are adhered to as the project evolves.

stage 7

DZ Design knows how to establish a strong partnership with the client and appointed contractor. We will organise regular workshops to review design work and identify areas in which sub-contractors should come on board. We will mobilise specialist resources where and when necessary.

Stage 8

Our team at DZ Design will maintain an on-site presence to advise contractors and suppliers to meet timelines, budgets, and value. As the project progresses, we will ensure none of the integral visions and values is compromised.

Stage 9 DZ Design

Our regular site visits and inspections mean that our team can immediately identify and find the right solutions to any areas of concern in the project’s final stages. We will work closely with the project management team to prepare and finalize a completion certificate.

DZ Design Ultimate guide on how to create and style your own hotel-inspired home


Choosing the right textures, materials, colors, and furniture for your dream home can be a tricky process, especially when you don’t know where to begin.

Within this guide, our design director Dina Murali, breaks down the many aspects you need to consider as you embark on the first steps of creating the perfect hotel-inspired home.

This in-depth guide includes:
✓ Moodboards
✓ Materials Finishes
✓ Choosing the right furniture
✓ Colors
✓ Pricing guide
And so much more!
Ready to be inspired?