Bank of Baroda

The DZ Design’s team worked on the interiors for the oldest Indian bank in Dubai – the bank of Baroda.

How did we help?

Drawing inspiration from the traditional ancient artform of the Rangoli in its geometry and patterns, the Bank of Baroda headquarters in Dubai exemplifies a balance of textures, and patterns while keeping in line with their branding colour – saffron. The orange colour symbolizes courage and sacrifice and it’s incorporated on the walls, carpets, and some furniture.

There is a mix of varied types of configurations and work areas to cater to different types of workstyles that ensures different choices for every employee. India’s oldest international bank, stand by their motto of concern, care and competence.

The direction given to our team at DZ Design was to make sure that the touchpoints of customer interactions are smart and efficient. The design narrative was to showcase the pride of India – hospitality and resilience. The brand logo represents the rays of the sun in saffron – a vital part of the Indian flag.