Rows of office desks and steelcase chairs inside Lulu Exchange office in the Philippinesdesigned by DZ Design office interior design

Lulu Exchange

Lulu Exchange has been a long standing client of DZ design. Our office interior design specialists have previously designed offices for them in Dubai, Muscat,india and now in Manila.

How did we help?

Construction started at the Lulu Exchange in the Philippines in late January this year, and by March DZ design was confronted with the fact that offices could not be expected to operate the same as pre Covid time. As work stopped across Manila, DZ used the time to reconsider how space should be used, how to pivot the functions to anticipate changes in the workplace without scraping the project and starting over, especially considering the shutdown had already forced the client to sink more time and money into the project than they were expecting.

The atmosphere stayed true to the original concepts: plenty of nature incorporated throughout the space, with a focus on mental wellness and natural materials. Even before the pervasive health concerns brought about by the pandemic, DZ was coming to the design from the perspective that the staff at the firm needed to gain balance from their space, to have it be regenerative and offset the heavy digital workload. It needed to be flexible – desks, break-out spaces, common areas, all with comfortable seating and lighting that made focusing easy.