luxury executive office with white leather furniture and wodden cabinets in Asia Express office in Qatar designed by DZ Design office interior design studio

Asia Express Qatar

Asia Express is a financial institution based out of Doha Qatar, the sister company of Lulu Exchange in the UAE.

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In a year where few companies have dared to undertake a major office expansion, DZ Design unveils a space that eschews the conservative design aesthetic generally associated with financial organisation in favour of a more modern and welcoming approach. Located in Doha, the space mixes the elegant comfort of modern design with the sophistication of a sleek office. This innovative design move is a reflection of Asia Express’s corporate culture and its desire to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.

The conventional dark woods and leather chesterfields of the typical private financial office have been swapped for a soft blue/grey palette, herringbone floors, and luxurious drapery. The move towards a warmer atmosphere was a deliberate choice designed to address the imbalance between the number of men versus women that the profession usually attracts.

The main entrance reveals a reception area that feels more like a living room for family and friends. Likewise, the modern pantry is outfitted with all the comforts of home highlighted by a fun yellow counter and a blue amphitheatre.