Pullman Hotel Downtown designed by DZ Design
Pullman Hotel Downtown designed by DZ Design2
Pullman Hotel Downtown designed by DZ Design3

Pullman Downtown Dubai

Enter a new era as DZ Design orchestrates the initial phase of the Pullman Downtown Dubai refurbishment. The project unfolds like a captivating story, weaving innovation and aesthetics into every detail. This endeavor focuses on a comprehensive revitalization of guest rooms and suites, poised to redefine luxury.

Our creative touch breathes life into the property, igniting a fresh identity. The ultimate result will be a 350-key haven, heralding the city’s first business hotel fully embracing the distinctive Memphis style concept.

Our role in this journey was instrumental. Collaborating with Twenty14 Holdings, an esteemed Abu Dhabi-based hospitality group, we embarked on transforming the hotel’s essence. Steering away from the former oriental theme, a new narrative emerged—a concept echoing the spirit of the brand’s new vision.

Yet, our aspirations went beyond appearances. Our task was to disrupt the norms of a traditional 5-star business hotel. The project spanned multiple phases, encompassing guest rooms, suites, public spaces, and dining venues.

In search of inspiration, we turned to the Memphis Style. This movement dared to be different, drawing from geometric Art Deco influences, vibrant Pop Art palettes, and the nostalgic kitsch of the 1950s.

The tale that unfolds from this collaboration is one of innovation and courage—a story that celebrates the essence of transformation. The Pullman Dubai Downtown Hotel’s rejuvenation showcases the magic of design, the strength of collaboration, and the art of reinvention.