elegant Boardroom with leather office chairs in NBT office_designed-by-DZ-design-interior-design-studio

NBTC Office

Established back in 1977, NBTC is a civil construction contracting company located in Abu Dhabi with the concept of providing valuable, trustworthy and quality services.

How did we help?

The wellbeing of the staff was the central theme to the project and our main inspiration while developing NBTC’s new office interior design. The design provided DZ Design with the opportunity to adopt a new workplace strategy aimed at increasing communication and collaboration. Our aim was to achieve this through improvements to the main reception, workspace area and cafeteria along with the addition of activity-based areas facilitated with design elements to provide a comfortable workflow for staff.

NBTC’s new environment combines elegance with a variety of setting choices. The design solution is neutral in tone for the workspace, full of light benefiting from controlled colour treatments for the social spaces. Ample natural light is available for the workstation area by ensuring that no solid masses are aligned with the external glazing. The office by its design promotes “casual collision” culture between employees, a case study in demonstrating how collaboration promotes creativity and drives production.

Project Name



Abu Dhabi, UAE

Year of Completion



Dina Murali, Zain Belgami, Katherine & Raphael