Awards Surge For Water 2023 Nominee: The Totem Seat by DZ Design
Surge for Water

DZ Design’s Totem Seat has been nominated for Surge for Water 2023‘s ‘Design, Dine, Make a Difference’ event, a celebration of design and sustainability through the ages. This year’s Surge event has rallied the region’s A+D community to honour the years that shaped design— the 20s, 50s, 70s, and 90s. 13 design firms, including DZ Design, have risen to the challenge, showcasing creations that pay homage to these decades.

Surge for Water

The Totem Seat: A Fusion of Eclectic Design

The Totem Seat represents an eclectic blend of traditional and modern design principles. Each aspect of this piece symbolises a particular style, contributing to its overall narrative.

Art Deco Inspiration

Symmetrical curves and bottle-shaped contours reflect the essence of the Art Deco era. The layering of similar-looking bottles and the inventive use of bottle caps add rich details, reflecting the artistic vibrancy of the 20s.

Surge for WaterMid Century Fusion

The Totem Seat blends natural and industrial materials, utilising uniform-looking bottles and coloured sample tiles to infuse elements reminiscent of the Mid Century style. This blend of materials brings a contemporary twist to classic design principles.

Surge for Water

Minimalist Simplicity

The box silhouette, embodying simplicity and clean lines, brings out Minimalist design. This element highlights the piece’s simple yet strong presence, portraying the essence of understated elegance from the 90s.

Surge for Water

Sustainability and Upcycling Mission

Beyond aesthetics, DZ Design collaborates with clients and contractors to encourage upcycling. The Totem Seat is an example of the creative reuse of materials, emphasising the potential to reduce waste and create impactful design solutions through upcycling practices.

Surge for Water

The Totem Seat by DZ Design is more than a remarkable design—it’s a symbol of artistic interpretation and sustainable design. Through its fusion of diverse design styles and a commitment to upcycling, it represents the spirit of ‘Design through the Decades,’ showcasing the transformative power of conscious design practices at Surge for Water 2023.